Today was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day, and I felt Kuan Yin throughout the day, wanting to share her compassionate energy. So when I sat down to meditate later in the evening and light some candles to honor those who have been lost, I took a few moments to really connect with Kuan Yin’s energy and feel into what she wanted to share.

Waves and waves of energy came pouring forth from her, streaming into the back of my heart chakra. She shared a message with me, and I typed it out as best I could. I asked her–for those families that have been trying to get pregnant, what do they need to do? Here was her reply:

Kuan Yin:

You must meditate more. 

While meditating, the answers will come. 

You cannot ask ‘what am I doing wrong,’ you must ask ‘what can I do to become a better person?’ (She REALLY emphasized this point.)

Let go of your old self, open up to the new energies. Your unborn child is waiting for you to become ready for him/her. You are not ready yet, listen for the answers. 

Do not force the answers, nurture them into your consciousness. Love the answers into your reality. Loving and caring for yourself will help you attune to what your child is asking for. 

Your child is already waiting for you, listen for what s/he needs. It is a very difficult journey to go from the higher realms, and lower your spirit’s vibration down to the earth energies, into a physical body. There is a lot of shock, and in a human expression, it feels like pain. Pain is only misalignment, two vibrations that are far apart, trying to merge together. Resistance to the merge. 

Do not let your old self’s pain hold you back from moving forward, growing, raising your vibration. Celebrate your struggles, as they are helping mold you into the amazing being that I know you to already be. 

I hold you in my heart. Feel your vulnerability, allow yourself to feel that pain in your heart & release it to the universe. Become one with my energy and I will help transform your vibration into where it needs to go, the energetic support that your child is looking for. 

I bow to you, and shower you with my love.


May Kuan Yin’s blessing help guide you to where you need to go.

Your Baby Miracle